Who Am I?

15 facts about me that wouldn’t be obvious from reading this thing called my blog:

1. Lets start with something easy. I’d like to say I’m 5’1ft tall but I’m probably 5’ft…and I wear size 5 shoes. [trés difficult to find shoes.]

2. I used to figure skate… I quit, and to this day it’s my biggest regret. #RIPskaterdayz

3. I stopped reading in grade 7 and the first book I actually finished was this year. It wasn’t even a legit book… It’s one of those books you can download on your phone… [it was also a short read…]

4. Going along with the books^, I usually read about 70 pages until I decide whether or not I want to keep reading. If there’s no spark of romance contained in those pages I immediately stop reading. I basically delete the book off my phone and its a goner. #typicalteenagegirl

5. I grew up speaking Spanglishnese. << totally made that word up. It’s a mixture of 3 languages; English, Spanish, and Japanese. [on a scale of 1-10 I’d say English is a 10 (obvs), Japanese is a 5.5, and Spanish is a solid 7. ]

7. One of the best ‘scenario’ in life?: When your stress free. It’s around 8pm. Tea on the bedside table. Lamps are on. Under the covers. And a movie is on.

8. Sometimes I like to listen to parts of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 or Movie Soundtracks [esp. The Princess Diaries >> composed by John Debney].

9. Bad luck follows me around. This leads to many recurring embarrassing moments. Ugh.

10. I over think things way too much.

11. I’ve failed classes and I’m not ashamed to say it. One was math. I’m actually so stupid for choosing that course, should’ve chosen the easier one. The second one that apparently I ‘failed’ shouldn’t have been a fail. I was in a class for a while when I decided I should drop out. The counsellor dropped me out without telling me I would have an F on my transcript.

12. Eating excites me.

13. I day-dream too much it’s probably unhealthy.

14. I’ve always had a thing for airplanes. Ever since I went to air shows when I was 3 or 4. F-16’s and F-18’s was something my dad and I would talk about. Oh and a plane we called ‘the boomer’ but it’s really a F-117A Nighthawk…

15. I like to believe that everyone has a purpose and that everyone should have dreams. No matter how big they are, they’re gonna achieve it if they’re devoted enough. Even if it takes 30 years.


Ever since I started posting, [summer last year?]  I never really talked about myself. I always think of how everyone has their own life story. When your sitting in a restaurant and you look over to the people the next table over, isn’t it weird how they’ve grown up totally different from you. They’ve gone through things you haven’t, met people you might meet, know people you know, been to places you’ve never heard of.

Who knows, you could possibly one day meet them once again and you wouldn’t even know it.

Strangers is a weird word. Kinda a scary word actually…

“After all, we all begin as strangers.”

(gosh I hope this post isn’t too black and white.)



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